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Meridian Pet Sitter - aka Cat Whisperer
PawsWatch  Professional Pet Sitting LLC

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​​​​​​​​​Personalized Pet Sitting


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​​​PawsWatch ensures your pets will have everything they need and want...

  1.  Plenty of Attention while being ever mindful of pets' preference

     2.  Refill Water in clean glass or s.s. bowls (automatics become stale, electrics are fire hazard)

        3. Feed  as instructed by owner in clean bowls

           4.  Litter Scooped for cats; Outside Potty for dogs

              5.  MedicationsInjections & Special Care as outlined by owner

​                 6.  MY Time is Entirely THEIRS; visitations are for and with your pets, without interruption of ANY sort



PawsWatch Professional Pet Sitting
​Owner/ Pet Sitter Bonnie

Telephone: 208.288.2810
Email: pets@pawswatch.com

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​​Put Your Trust in the Comfort of PawsWatch-ful Hands 

​​Meridian Pet Sitter Dedicated Foremost to Warmhearted Personalized Care.

You provide your pets and home, and I'll do the rest!

​​​​​​​​​​​​My Daily Routine With Your Pets... Yippee!

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​​​​​​Pet Parents: 

* Convenience:  no scheduled lodging drop-off & pick-up

* Security Respect:  no advertising displayed on pet sitter's vehicle

* Reasonable Rates:  determined by your vicinity and pet circumstance

* Multiple Pets:  no extra charge~within one family only~

* Getting Acquainted:  no-charge meeting at your home - pets' routine fully reviewed & Pet Sitting Summary completed


* Familiarity of Home:  ideal for anxious pets at the thought of your leaving them

Accustomed Routine:  removes any doubt pets may feel about your actual return

​* Feeling Comfortable:  during the pre-visit, pets will acquire my scent, know my voice, and feel my sincerity

* Medication & Injections:  25 years professional experience

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