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May we always be

worthy of that

'privileged pedestal' bestowed us by the unconditional hearts of our pets.

​Sharing what I've prepared for my own pets.....
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Folder containing information on each pet:

  • Medical and health records
  • Current photos, descriptions & chip# of each for ID if needed
  • Feeding and medication schedules
  • Names and numbers of veterinarians & 24-hr ER

Leash & Collar, Carrier

Large covered plastic bin filled with their supplies:

  • Bedding
  • Disposable litter pans & lightweight litter
  • Canned foods & can opener
  • Portable water bowls
  • Plastic bags, paper towels
  • Anything else of a calming nature to help ease their anxiety

Simple Pet First-Aid Kit:

  • Tweezers to remove ticks, burrs & splinters
  • Disinfectant & antibiotic ointment for wounds
  • Gauze bandage & bandage tape
  • Heavy towel and/or blanket to use as stretcher
  • Benadryl for allergic reactions
  • Sterile saline for flushing eyes
  • Disposable latex gloves

Meridian Pet Sitter - Cat Whisperer
PawsWatch  Professional Pet Sitting LLC

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PawsWatch Professional Pet Sitting

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pet Sitter Meridian, Eagle, Boise  ID

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Something Extra Just For Your they never lose you!


Any pet parent knows that with animals, things don’t always go according to plan.  As a seasoned pet sitter, PawsWatch remains patient and sensitive during any situation, recognizing your pets' needs to respond accordingly. Pets will always be handled affectionately with my innate ability to read the signs when they've had enough.

When a pet sitter is genuinely serious about dedicated love for animals, enough so to enjoy their company on a very regular basis, then validating these intentions with genuine business professionalism is imperative.  PawsWatch is Idaho Licensed and Insured to protect both pet owner and pet sitter.

No matter where you live, remember that pets are more affected by change than are humans. They need routine and structure to be those happy healthy pets you love. As a pet owner you should feel confident about your pet sitter choice. PawsWatch WILL provide that appreciated stability.

Being companion animals, Dogsare typically happier in the company of sibling pets when left at home. Your dog may be the exception, but if not, choosing an approved-by-you decent boarding facility may be kinder. Cats on the other hand thrive in environments with their own independence. Veterinary boarding has undeniable advantages with an animal doctor on site, but do so with caution since they house both sick and healthy animals.

Put Your Trust in the Comfort of PawsWatch-ful Hands 

Meridian Pet Sitter Dedicated Foremost to Warmhearted Personalized Care.

You provide your pets and home, and I'll do the rest!


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​​Evacuation Preparedness ~ Your Pets Foremost

​​​​​Seasoned Pet Sitter Attributes

In view of present unexpected acts of nature and of man, now is an especially wise time to microchip both Cats and Dogs at ANY age.

A very simple injection between their shoulder blades... they don't feel it, and it's not expensive.

Identifying Lost and Found Pets is done with ID scanners equipped at all shelter and rescue groups, and veterinarians.

The odds of a lost pet never being returned to you is far greater than one would assume... a high 90%!



Should EVACUATION face us head-on, no matter what the circumstance, the safest place for your pets is WITH YOU!  Prepare ahead of time a list of pet-friendly lodges and their policies.  In the event there is advance notice of impending disaster, call ahead for reservations.  Also prepare a list of preferred pet boarding facilities as back-up.  Keep in mind that Red Cross Shelters ONLY accept pets which are Service Animals assisting people with disabilities.

You may not be home when disaster strikes, so always safeguard your pets by placing an Emergency Pet Decal on your front door or window indicating how many pets are inside needing to be saved.  PawsWatch provides these decals to new clients, which could be life-saving for your pets even on a daily basis while you are away from home.  Having your pets' microchipped is also a real blessing!

Here is my own tip for making the evacuation process quicker and less stressful. Should you have more than one pet, gather them along with carriers into a confined area, so should one of them freak-out, no one will be able to dart.  Scoop up the most savvy/fearful kitty first, and on down the line. Unless your dogs are elderly or ill, they will normally be anxious and willing to get in your vehicle just to be with you. Since time is of the essence, have a prepared list accessible of all necessary items to grab for both you and your pets, to include a couple of empty plastic crates to use for containers.