Hi Bonnie, Want to thank you for making your notes about VanGogh’s weight and potty.  We took him to the vet and he has an overactive thyroid.  We are on medication and the vet is confident that she can control it.  We appreciate your concern and bringing that to our attention.  


Want to thank you very much for coming by our house and taking good care of the kitties.  I’m not sure if even you know how much of a load it takes off our minds to have someone like you who cares about the kitties, looking after them.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny & Russ B

and Munchkin


Steve & Geri D and Rosie & Wally

Hello!  Thank you, as always for being such a good friend to Rosie & Wally while we’re away.  They used to get mopey when we were gone; now they just seem happy to see us as if it were any other work day.  We appreciate you and what you do.  You’re not only a wonderful caretaker of Rosie and Wally, but a wonderful person.  May all good things come your way.

Dear Bonnie, Thank you so much for the fantastic picture of Ashley!  I have been trying to get a good one of her for years and your is perfect!  What a wonderful thing to do!  

Meridian Pet Sitter - aka Cat Whisperer
PawsWatch  Professional Pet Sitting LLC

Dear Bonnie, Thank you SO MUCH for the GOGEOUS picture of Sophie!  She looks as beautiful as any cat photo I’ve ever seen.

Shawn C and

Blackkitty & Graykitty


Mary & Len K and

Tiger & Shadow


Rebecca & John M and

KC Kitty & ferrets Emily, Mosely, Gina, Lloyd, Harry

Jeff E & Celine A and Tommy, Nadine, Griselle, Bruno, TJ, Ennui

Donna & Per C and Misty, Sophie & Moxie


Bob & Elha C and Tom & Jerry


Dear Bonnie, If only everyone were as thoughtful as you.  Can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved the card that you sent with you picture of my little Honey in the window… was just a delight.  Thank you again for everything!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PawsWatch Professional Pet Sitting

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pet Sitter Meridian, Eagle, Boise  ID

cat paws



 Ann & John B and Freddie & Misty


​​​​Meridian Pet Sitter Dedicated Foremost to Warmhearted Personalized Care.

You provide your pets and home, and I'll do the rest!

Bonnie Marie Elena, Many thanks for your caring time with our family.  We appreciate your love for our little ones.

Aloha Nui Loa, Clairelaine M and KauKau, Grizzy & Oreo

Bonnie, Thanks again for coming on such short notice- Annie deserves the ‘BEST' which you are!! 

Jay & Erica B and kitties polydactyl MP, Oscar, Bob, Bianca, dogs Kadi & Kodo,

fish Oscar & Stripe

Bonnie,Thank you for your help.  Thank you for loving my boys

Lucretia C and Miss Kitty & Diggity

Mary K and Honey

Dear Bonnie, What a surprise to get the great picture of Missy- I thought it was just a regular care until I realized it was her!  That was sweet of you.  Thanks so much

Thank you for letting Harley know she is loved when we are gone.  We appreciate you! 


Love, Jim & Sara D and Hailey & Abby

Cathy & Chip H and Callie Lou


Bonnie, Thank you so much for taking care of our kids and for being a wonderful pet sitter.  You will be missed- wish you could move with us!  Thanks for all you have done for us,

Greg & Kim M and Shelby & Sam 


Bobbi A  & Bonnie


Not only does Bonnie treat her clients' pets as though they were her own, she will always make them feel extra comfortable when they are missing their families. She additionally made sure our home was buttoned up and safe.  We are moving back to Florida, and wish she could move with us to continue to pet sit for myself and also the rest of my family there.  Clearly I would highly recommend her!

Linda & Jack H and Mancha

Carol M & Liz G and Avise & Hoback



Marie D and Spunky,

Callie, Dusterbunny,

DC, Muttonhead 


Barbara & Mike B and Casper

human, dog

Dear Bonnie: I’m so glad you came by to love my fur people.  You have such a kind heart. 

Kate B and Orbit & Slick & Turtie

Put Your Trust in the Comfort of PawsWatch-ful Hands 

Bruce B and Daisey-Doodle

Thanks to you, Bonnie…

our trip was… The Cats’ Meow!

Karla & Bob J and Baby & Zodie

cat, human

Bob and Elha are looking forward to meeting you.  You will be perfect for their situation/needs.  Thanks Bonnie! 

Thank you Bonnie, for the years of reliable service.  What I value most is your advocacy for Crisco, placing his needs and well-being above all else.  That made it easier to leave him from time to time.  We both thank you.


Cyndie G and Yogi


Regina & Sam J and

Altair, Mintaka, Bali Hai, de Forest Jade, black Moor 

My dear Bonnie-  How Lucky for Albert & I that you came in to our lives- Love, 

Dear Bonnie- I will be leaving January 12.  We don't know how to thank you for the incredible care you have given us.  I usually don't get attached to who I know I will have to leave in a short time.  You are the exception.  I know Daisey loves you!  I will send pictures from China, and some of Daisey back in her home in Texas.  Thanks again, you will remain in our hearts forever.

Deb C and Maria, Miss Lucy, Duchess Abigail, Nick, Melanie

It’s sure nice to meet someone who really cares about our little animal friends.  Thanks a lot!

Janet I and Bunny, Cindy & Little

Melinda L and Crisco & Polly

Thank you ever so much for all you’ve done for our family.  You were an angel sent by the Cat Doctor.  I just don’t know how I could have made my life work without your help.  I’m sure ‘the loves’ will all miss you as much as you’ll miss them.  I’ll miss your friendship & caring nature also.  People like you are treasures.  Sincerely, 


Nancy M and Tara & Ashley

Kathe B and Annie, Java & Oscar

Rather NOT be asked to give complimentary rating reviews?  PawsWatch will NEVER impose this upon clients.

Humbled however to share these special words offered from just a few of my many appreciative pet people.  Purr-purrr-rufffff!!


J & Sarah M and Rockit & Shasta


Sherri & Steve C and VanGough & Sophie

Amanda B and Mikitty


Thanks again as always.  It is so comforting to know that our pups are in good hands when we go away.  Your kindness and loyalty never goes unappreciated!  The girls said they needed more Bonnie time, so here ya go! 


Bonnie, Thank you for your attention to MiKitty.  We appreciate your dedication.  

Daisy I & Bonnie

Good morning Bonnie, I think Yogi is now old enough to stay alone while I’m at work.  Although I would love to have you come indefinitely, I know he will do ok.  You have been an enormous help! Thank you,

Tracy & Dick H and Harley, Indiana, BC 

Lyn & Steve H and Truffles,

Maui, Tanzi, Bogie, Robie


Want to let you know we are moving back to Phoenix next week.  Would you consider moving with us??  Don’t know if I trust anyone with Callie but you!  Thanks you so much for the time you spent with her – am certain she’ll miss her Auntie Bonnie.  Thanks again, Bonnie


Thanks again for taking care of our kitties.  It makes a big difference to know that they are well cared for and we don’t need to worry.

Hi Bonnie,  Thank you so much for the card/picture of Chase.  I do appreciate all you do for him.  May 2012 be a happy year for you.  

Robyn M and Magnolia, Grace, Chochi, Itzy, Ishme, Samese, Regita Anna

Bonnie- We can't tell you what a relief it is to know you'll be looking in our kids while we're away.  Thank you for being so good to them.    


hands, cat, dog

Dear Bonnie: We loved your picture of Casper!  Thanks for your special loving care for the past several years.  It has meant a great deal knowing that you would be here for Casper to feed and play with her.  We wouldn't have felt comfortable going home to be with family without you.  This will be our last move, and we will miss having you as her 'step-mom' when we travel.  Thank you!!


Joan & Gene M and Missy

    Kathy & Tom B and Andre & Pierre

KC kitty is a little upset it wasn’t you coming home- she’s been searching for you since we’ve gotten here!  We feel safe knowing you took such good care of all our 6 babies! 


Tara K, DVM

Bonnie, Thank you for your dedicated quality dog sitting.  You have been dependable and flexible, and of course the Schnauzers adore you!  Protective as we are of them, it couldn’t be just anyone, so we wish we could take you with us!  We will all miss you and would highly recommend you any time!

Thanks for cat-sitting and cat-cuddling and cat-feeding and cat-playing and…well…everything!  We love you! 

Dear Bonnie, thank you so very much for sharing the picture you took of our beautiful Maria shortly before she died.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gazed upon your photo and thanked you for your kindnesses to her and to us.  You came into our lives when we needed you most, and helped us along our paths.  With our deepest appreciation, Big hugs – 

Bonnie, I want you to know that your card with the picture of Dusty means a great deal to me.  It is the best gift I received- Dusty died in October when he ran under the neighbor’s tire while chasing a squirrel.  Thank you again.      Debbie K and Dusty

You are mu8ch appreciated ~ hope you know that you do a wonderful job, & knowing our kids are cared for by you when we are away gives me complete peach of mind.  Thank you for being so wonderful ~      

written note

Thank you so much for being the kind person you are to Munchkin and us.  We appreciate you so much!  

Dear Bonnie, Thank you for the expert care you always give our sweet Mancha.  We will be moving to the land of chameleons the end of this month, and I am sure that I will never find a pet sitter as wonderful as you.  "Thank you for taking such good are of me- I just love your visits. Mancha"

Pam G and kitties Grey, Missy, Blue & Little


Dear Bonnie, Thank you for taking such good care of our pets.  MP’s passing was hard on us; they called it Idiopathic liver failure.  I keep him now with the picture you took – it seemed to capture his personality. 

Susan B and Chase


Maryann M and Al


Good morning Bonnie, You are very kind and it has been a blessing to find you and have you in our lives.


Dear Bonnie, Thank you very much for looking after our Tom and Jerry.  We are very grateful that we were able to stay with our family for another day- without you it would have been impossible.  Thank you for all your attention to our boys and us, and your kindness. With love, xx

Dear Bonnie – Thank you so very much for being such an awesome kitty sitter!  We love & appreciate you!  Love, Amy M, Kitten, Crunchy, Precious, Norma

& Runt xoxoxoxoxo

Dear Bonnie-  How wonderful it has been to have you in our collective life.  Your care & concern over our kids has been a God send for us, most particularly for them.  You are a real blessing & we are grateful more than we can say.  Thank you, thank you- affectionately, 

Bonnie, Thank you for the lovely photo of Emma – one of the best we have of her!  She doesn’t often smile like that, but then we know she’s a big fan of yours!  After five years in beautiful Idaho, we’re moving- Steve has found a better job in Portland.  You have given us a great gift – we have never had to worry about our little dogs when we’re gone.  You have gone above and beyond in caring for them.  Thank you so much!  With great fondness- 

Steve B & Deborah W and Emma, Sailor, Teddy