• Utmost respect for pet safety and home security... no vehicle advertising​
  • No-charge initial visit to acquaint you, your pets and myself, and complete your pet sitting profile
  • Rates affordable, according to vicinity and circumstance for Meridian, Eagle and Boise ID. 
  • This comfy stay-at-home version of boarding, will consist of my daily visits to ensure your pets have everything they need:                                                                                                                                             1.  plenty of attention, while being mindful of pets' preference                                                                        2.  clean and refill water bowls (no automatics)                                                                                                  3.  feed as instructed by owner in clean bowls                                                                                                     4.  kitty litter scooped and backyard potty for dogs                                                                                            5.  play & cuddling for cats & dogs if desired                                                                                                       6.  experienced in pet medications, injections and special needs                                                                     7.  devotion to the well-being of ALL animals and their surroundings       
  • Clearly convenient, home pet care is ideal for anxious pets at the thought of your leaving them.
  • Respecting their accustomed routine, helps to diminish any doubts they may feel about your return.

"We can Judge The Heart Of A Woman By Her Treatment Of Animals"
​​PawsWatch owner Bonnie is proud to dependably and lovingly care for your pets...
... and then be loved right back by them!

​Labrador Retriever brothers, River & Trout are true alpine enthusiasts!

Watch as they entertain themselves belly whopping, surfing and sledding

in the snow at Sugarbush in Warren Vermont!​

Pets in PawsWatch-ful Hands Since 1994



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