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    DE-CLAWING is inhumane and barbaric ... 

​    equivalent to a human's first knuckle being cut off.

    A cat will suffer it's entire life from this cruel permanent loss of use.


​​​​~ The sadly misunderstood Feral Kitties ~


  • Any offspring of a cat gone FERAL will sadly only be handled by other FERAL cats.
  • Without human contact, it then becomes terrified of the unknown.  That is why they hiss and run to hide from humans. Contrary to assumption, this is NOT 'vicious hissing'... it is sadly their reaction to fear.
  • It is so fearful, that when a FERAL cat is trapped, it will cower to the back of the trap and tremble with fright, often urinating.  When the trap is opened, this FERAL's only goal is to quickly escape... but will NEVER attack.
  • 10 to 15% of FERALS that are trapped turn out to be already tame abandoned cats, who take refuge with a FERAL colony.
  • Some FERALS have been pitifully declawed by cruel owners, leaving them absolutely helpless to protect themselves.
  • All too often, elderly FERALS have lived happily all their life with their beloved human, until that person passed.  Then enters the uncaring surviving family members who decide to it throw out, as though an object without feelings. :(

The life of a FERAL is extremely sad, and so in need of love and understanding.


​​​​​​PawsWatch Professional Pet Visiting LLC

Pet Sitting in Meridian, Eagle & Boise ID


  *  phone # & directions to nearest 24-hour clinic

  *  tweezers to remove ticks, burrs & splinters

  *  antibiotic ointment for wounds

  *  gauze bandage & bandage tape

  *  wound disinfectant

  *  heavy towel or blanket to use as stretcher

  *  Benadryl for allergic reactions

  *  sterile saline for flushing eyes

  *  disposable latex gloves

  *  muzzle

​  *  in evacuation situation, safest place for your pets is with you


"We can Judge The Heart Of A Woman By Her Treatment Of Animals"

​​PawsWatch owner Bonnie is proud to dependably and lovingly care for your pets...

... and then be loved right back by them!

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​  Did you know that you can MICROCHIP your dog or cat at ANY age?

  A simple procedure ~ no anesthetic ~ injected between your pet's shoulder blades. 

  Without identification 90% of pets will NEVER be returned home.  
  Shelters & Rescue Groups routinely scan all incoming animals for a chip.

​​​​​​​​Love your pets in the best way by having a vet check their health annually

Remember... one human year is equivalent to 5 to 7 years for a pet

Numerous problems could develop within a short period of time that you would be unaware of as animals are instinctively driven to hide suffering, so be on the lookout for these subtle signs:

Change in behavior

Resistance to touch & wanting to be left alone

Sleeping in only one position


Excessive licking of an area

Not grooming

Abnormal body positions

Faraway look in the eyes

Changes in litter box habits


FERALS would much rather be loved and cared for just as any cat, than to be forced to live alone outdoors with no owner.

​​FERAL= abandoned or lost, and dejectedly left to fend for itself.                                                 NOT their choice.

PawsWatch is proud to dependably care for and attend lovingly to your pets treatment of animals paw prints