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 Rescue 4 kitten Eclair 

Rescue 1 Beaucoup

meet my pets       a few of many who have shared their lives with me

 Lucky me! 

These treasured Golden Sisters Gidget & Rosie, were gifts :)

Rescue 3 kitten Evette

Such a short time to love these precious ones, so we must love them BIG!

May I always be the kind of person they think I am.     insets, have sadly crossed the bridge.

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Pet Sitting Meridian, Eagle, Boise ID

Rescue 6 Yogi

Adored Rescues Puppy & Girl

Rescue 7 Seven

Riding with a friend is more fun!

The Best Things

in Life are...


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First Kitty

"We can Judge The Heart Of A Woman By Her Treatment Of Animals"
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Rescue 2

buddy Big

Rescue 5 Linus

Rescue 8 Gus

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