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white cat, girl

Remembering my 'firsts'...



No tech history here...

just plain ol' fashioned pet love! 

I may be 'professional', but just like your pets, I've no interest in phone chitchat!  Pets are the ideal paws-itive communicators, so they are who I want to spend my time chinwagging with!  PawsWatch is committed to your pets only during their scheduled un-timed visits.


As well as 24 professional years experience, I am a lifelong pet owner, and pet admirer.  And now... very fortunate to have many satisfied and grateful clients. You can feel most confident in looking no further.

​​The Best Things in Life are Rescued!
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Professional Pet Sitter in Meridian, Eagle, NW Boise

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Remembering your very first loved pets,

and all those who followed.....

most recent losses of course the hardest.

Ours... ​

Golden Retriever sisters 'Gidget' & 'Rosie'
shy gray/wht 'Evette'

alpha tortie 'Beaucoup'

best buddy gold/wht 'Big'

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Dedicated to specializing warmth in personalized pet care.

You provide your pets and home, and I'll do the rest!

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​​​​​​​​Curious about my
furry family of rescues?




​​​​​​​​It all started with a     -some idea!​

Not much was known about this offbeat little trade 1994 in Meridian, Eagle and Boise, when pet owners were still patronizing boarding facilities. Having always pre-furred the company of animals to humans, my inspiration could not have been more clear... I was about to venture into 'professionally' caring for pets in their own home!

Hmm-mm... why not?  Pets then would not endure that normal stress about their family dropping them off to live in a confined space, unsure about their return.  While at home they could enjoy their familiar comforts. What a perfect match... they're happy staying at home, and I'm happy being with them! Clearly my idea didn't happen overnight; but when word did get out, PawsWatch took off in a in a big way!  I had found my calling, and never looked back! :)

Although essential to make it an LLC business with licensing and insurance, I was adamant about no employees. An easy choice, since my intentions were not for overseeing others, but rather to enjoy caring for many animals simply all to myself! So that is exactly how I've kept it these 24 years... founder, owner, caregiver... and delighting in every minute of it!

Since the birth of PawsWatch Pet Sitting, many have followed; although a bit differently... either to grow and branch into a big business, or treat as a hobby to make a few extra bucks; both losing sight of 'personalized' pet care.  I am proud to boast of continuing it MY way, reaping such lovely rewards from genuine one-on-one pet nurturing, which is typically what a pet craves in your absence.

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