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PawsWatch Professional Pet Visiting is dedicated to mastering 'warmth of    personalized pet care'. You supply your pets and space, and I'll do the rest.

Happy Birthday!

Love your pets with the ultimate giftof a health check-up yearly on their birth month!

Although they may act A-okay, that 7-year span for them could invite any number of UNnoticeable problems.

Clearly we humans may feel slighted having to wait that long for a birthday gift... but pets and patience are an inseparable combo!

While pets loyally abide by their instincts to hide any pain or suffering, your gift could prove to be a real game changer for them.

Here are the red flag warning signs that there may be something not-so-good lurking inside:

  • Resistance to touch & wanting to be left alone
  • Sleeping in only one position & positioning abnormally
  • Excessive licking of a body area & not grooming
  • Hiding & having a look of emptiness in their eyes
  • Changes in litter box habits

​​For the Love of Pets

Are you looking for the     purr-fect cat or dog sitter?? With years of compassionate experience, PawsWatch knows just what it takes to assure you, and comfort your pets,  to fulfill that exact position!

​​​A pet is the only thing on earth that loves YOU more than it loves itself


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