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PawsWatch founder Bonnie is not your every day pet sitter!  Not much was known about this odd little sideline 1994 in Boise Idaho, when pet owners were still patronizing boarding facilities.  Having always enjoyed the company of animals to humans, it was at that time I decided to venture into 'professionally' caring for pets in their own home.

Why not?... pets wouldn't have to stress about their family dropping them off to live in a kennel, and at home they could enjoy all of their usual comforts!  For me to be in the company of many pets all day long... what a perfect match!  Clearly it didn't happen overnight; however, when the word got out, PawsWatch took off in a in a big way!

Although essential to make it an LLC business with licensing and insurance, I was adamant about no employees.  This would not work, as my intentions were not for overseeing others; it was for my enjoyment to be with many animals all to myself!  So that is exactly how I've kept it all of these 24 years... founder, owner, operator, and reveling in every minute of it!

Since the birth of PawsWatch, many have followed suit a bit differently... to grow a big business, leaving behind the significance of pet comfort.  I can always boast of lifelong experience, and how the comfort of your pets is rewarding. It is that longtime one-on-one nurturing care in familiar surroundings that your pets will crave while you are away. 

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