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Respected local Pet Sitter devoted to the care and attention you would hope for your pets while away. 


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​​   As you sift through the online array of wordy ad metaphors for cat sitter, dog sitter, or even bunny or bird sitter, trust & responsibility will be what speaks to you, and obviously who is the perfect compassionate & mindful person.  There's no doubt your pets would choose this local savvy professional pet sitter with 23-years experience!

 PawsWatch Professional Pet Visiting

  *Typically pets prefer their accustomed home routine, which in turn secures their feelings that you will return. Home pet care is clearly convenient, but also ideal for anxious pets at the thought of your leaving them.

​   * They will feel very loved when I supply them with the attention they miss from you!  

This more comfy stay-at-home version of boarding, will consist of my daily visits to ensure their are safe, loved, fed, watered, pottied & litter scooped, as well as anything else they may be needy of.

 * To get it all started, a no charge pre-visit will familiarize you and I and your pets, and gather necessary info.  

         You will find the rates reasonable according to vicinity & circumstance for Meridian, Eagle & Boise.

​  *   Your pets will be joyous when you select PawsWatch!  208-288-2810 or

​​​​​​​​​cats n dogs of 

​Professional Pet Sitter

-We can Judge The Heart Of A Woman By Her Treatment Of Animals - 

  What makes PawsWatch distintive...

* The feeling of pride to responsibly care for your pets... income, secondary 

* The genuinely devoted resolve for the well being of ALL animals 

* Idaho licensed & liability insured Professional Pet Sitter

* Experienced in pet medications, injections & special needs

* Respect for your pets' safety & home security... no vehicle advertising

*  PawsWatch does not buy ads to promote business, and appreciates your referrals